New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil
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Building on the phenomenon of Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, William Weil's "New Earth Relationships" inspires couples to awaken to their higher purpose: love relationships as a means to enlightenment.

Weil integrates the work of Tolle and the country's most notable relationship experts with his own compelling prescription for partnerships. He suggests that since falling in love is one thing and staying in love is another, we all need a new context and better tools.

Praised by couple's counselors and relationship coaches, "New Earth Relationships" offers a sure path for couples to create safe space for one another, communicate effectively, consistently enliven their love, and allow each other's full potential to emerge.

While New Earth Relationships focuses on romantic partnerships, its advice applies to any relationship-friends, family, co-workers-making it a choice read for anyone who wants to experience the "higher power" inherent in conscious relationships.

New Earth Relationships has been selected for the University of Pittsburgh's Masters in Couple's Counseling curriculum.

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"This book is an inspiration and makes a difference. I keep several copies in my office and strongly recommend it to my clients."

Couples therapist for over 35 years

"In my 30+ years as a relationship couples counselor, I've never seen a better relationship coach than Bill Weil."

Couples therapist for over 30 years

Author and Couples Relationship Coach, William Weil
William Weil is a professional teacher, writer and relationship coach (nationally, via telephone). In his writings and seminars he offers practical wisdom for self-discovery and transformation via interpersonal relationships. Weil is the author of New Earth Relationships: A Guide for Couples in the 21st Century, and From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Woman's Guild to Following Her Dreams.  He also created LovePong, an interactive website which supports couples in elevating their consciousness and communicating more powerfully.

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