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Apr 15 2013

Benefits of Playfulness in the Bedroom

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When discussing subjects like keeping the spark alive in a relationship, and specifically in the bedroom, one popular tip that tends to come up is to keep things playful. The happiest couples are often easy to spot, because they appear outwardly happy – laughing, smiling, etc. Examining some of the more specific benefits of playfulness in a relationship – and specifically in the bedroom – makes it clear that this is absolutely one of the most important things to work on in a relationship. However you inject some fun into your sex life, whether it’s something simple like champagne and dessert in bed or something a bit more involved such as Adam and Eve toys and marital aids, here five some of the specific benefits you can hope to enjoy.

1. Stress Relief

It’s no great secret that laughter is one of the best tools for relieving stress. As it happens, sex is also pretty high on the list for stress relief tools. Naturally, combining the two with a bit more playfulness in the bedroom can lead to significant stress relief that you will feel and enjoy in your day-to-day life.


In the Bedroom

2. Fewer Negatives

A negative in the bedroom can be very awkward for a couple – even a long-term couple with partners who have been together for years. If one of you doesn’t like something the other does in the bedroom, or something just doesn’t click, the negative feedback from a partner can be embarrassing and disheartening. But if the attitude is more playful and less serious, these negatives can be laughed off, and the emotional effects will be reduced.

3. Experimentation

Many couples – again, even experienced once that have been together for years – are a bit timid about experimenting in bed. However, any time anyone talks about keeping the spark alive, one of the first topics covered is the concept of trying new things to keep the bedroom exciting. And, with a playful, humorous attitude toward the bedroom, you will likely find that this sort of experimentation is far more appealing.

4. Frequency

This one isn’t too tough to understand. People are simply more likely to repeat activities that they find fun and playful. If the bedroom is too serious, it’s not as appealing to engage in frequent sexual activity. However, with a fun and playful bedroom attitude and atmosphere, frequency will be far more appealing – in short, just have fun with it!

5. Playfulness Elsewhere

Finally, you’ll also likely find that playfulness in the bedroom will quickly spread to other aspects of your relationship. It’s well known that couples with healthy sex lives tend to be closer in other areas of their relationships, but a specific attitude can be contagious as well. A playful bedroom is a playful – and happy – relationship.

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